Friday, 12 November 2010

Magda Gerber - the why and how

This should have really been the first post on this blog, as an explanation is due.
Six months ago I gave birth to a wonderful boy. Before he arrived while we were expecting him there were  numerous conversations about how we are going to raise him, and what our parenting philosophy should be. That's when a friend mentioned RIE approach. We looked it up and knew that this should be something we would strive to achieve in our parenthood. When our son was born I had many questions, so I ventured out and found millions of answers, approaches, lots and lots of advice. Six months down the road I am back to Magda Gerber, now more than ever convinced that this is the approach I will strive to adopt raising my son. So I'm back.

There are two reasons I decided to start this blog: there is so much information about all different methods, philosophies and ways you can apply when dealing with children out there on the web. There is not much about Magda Gerber, Emmi Pikler and the RIE approach. There is virtually nothing in Polish, which is why this blog will be both in Polish and English.

And the second reason is to keep myself on track with what I still believe is a good, healthy way of raising a child.

For those interested and wanting more information I recommend:

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